December 6, 2023

Thief who broke into cars in Kilkenny caught red-handed by gardai on Covid-19 patrol

A thief who broke into several cars in the city was arrested by Kilkenny gardai who are out in force across the county over the Bank Holiday weekend policing Covid-19 restrictions.

A local Garda spokesperson said overall there has been “excellent compliance” from members of the public.

Kilkenny gardai set up several checkpoints and conducted anti-crime patrols over the weekend as part of Operation Fanacht, the policing operation to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

One vehicle was seized because it was not insured.

Local gardai also confirmed another person was arrested in the early hours of the morning “having stolen property from a number of vehicles in the city”.

Gardai urged people to “remember to ensure all property secured, including your vehicle”.


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