December 6, 2023

Young woman’s homecoming from Australia ruined as her entire savings stolen on Dublin-Kilkenny bus

A YOUNG woman returning home from Australia was left devastated after her wallet containing around $4,000 dollars and €800 – along with her smart phone – were stolen on the bus from Dublin Airport to Kilkenny.

The theft occurred last Thursday, sometime between 4pm and 7.30pm, just as the woman, who is aged in her 20s, was looking forward to enjoying the St Patrick’s weekend festivities with her family.

But instead her homecoming was ruined after a heartless thief took all of her savings on the last leg of her long journey home.

Gardai confirmed the young woman’s wallet, and her phone – a Google Pixel phone valued at €500 – were snatched from her bag, which she had placed in the seat beside her on the bus.

The private bus operator later found and returned the victim’s wallet and passport, but the cash and her phone were not recovered.

It is understood the young woman had $4,000 of Australian dollars (worth around €2,500) in her wallet, along with €800.

Kilkenny gardai have urged members of the public to be vigilant if anyone offers to exchange quantities of Australian dollars for euros or as payment for other services.

Anyone with information regarding the theft is urged to contact Kilkenny Garda Station on 056 777 5000.

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