February 4, 2023

Kilkenny mourners’ cash and handbags stolen from vehicles as they attended funeral nearby

HEARTLESS thieves smashed the windows of three vehicles and stole handbags, cash and electronic equipment while the unsuspecting owners were attending a funeral nearby.

The shocking incident occurred at Kilbride Cemetery in Callan on Saturday.

Kilkenny gardai tonight renewed their appeal for any potential eyewitnesses to come forward to assist their investigation.

The thefts occurred at around 1pm on Saturday. The three vehicles, two cars and a van, had been parked at a nearby roadside as their owners attended a funeral.

The thieves smashed the windows of the vehicles before making off with some cash and a number of personal items.

Two handbags were taken from the two cars. Another bag and a sum of money was stolen from the van.

Anyone with information regarding the thefts is urged to contact Callan Garda Station on 056 770 6630.


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