September 20, 2021

‘Totally unacceptable’ – plastic gloves discarded across Kilkenny posing health risk to kids

Careless people who discard disposable plastic gloves are posing a health risk to children, Kilkenny County Council has said.

The local authority confirmed to that there has been an increase in littering since the Covid-19 restrictions came into effect.

A council spokesperson said: “We are unfortunately seeing an increase in littering with disposal plastic gloves being discarded around our urban areas which in turn is creating a potential health risk to others including children who may pick up same.

“Littering of drink containers and food packaging has also increased along our streets and roads by the selfish practice of people discarding same from car windows.”

The council said the restrictions have also seen more people out walking their dogs.

The spokesperson said that while this is welcome, “some dog owners are failing to act responsible and pick up after their pets if they poop in a public place. Dog owners by not bagging and binning this waste are creating a health hazard for other people.”

The council added: “Selfish behaviour of this nature is totally unacceptable at any time and even more so now given the current circumstances. We acknowledge that this behaviour is only practiced by the minority, but we are pleading with everyone to now stop and play their part.

“It’s unfair to expect other people to clean up someone else’s waste and people littering are potentially putting members of their community and even their families at risk.

“So we are reminding everyone that all roads lead home and asking that they dispose of their waste in an appropriate manner to help keep our city and county safer and clean.”


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