December 5, 2023

COVID-19: €70,000 funding to Kilkenny groups delivering Meals-on-Wheels to vulnerable

Kilkenny community groups have been given a €70,000 war chest to help the local frontline response to Covid-19.

The funds will prioritise local organisations delivering services such as Meals on Wheels to older people and the vulnerable in our communities.

It is part of a €2.5 million fund launched by the Minister for Rural & Community Development Michael Ring.

A total of €69,797 has been earmarked for Kilkenny groups participating in the Government’s ‘Community Call’ initiative, which is being led by local authorities in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Minister Ring said: “Local community and voluntary groups are supporting significant numbers of vulnerable people, many of whom are self-isolating, to get through this crisis. This Fund will help these groups to cover the costs of their work.

“This is a response to support immediate and emergency efforts by community and voluntary groups in assisting people locally.

“It is recognised that there are wider challenges and impacts facing the community and voluntary sector as a whole, but this initiative will help to provide support to community groups that are delivering services at the frontline.”

Community Call is an unprecedented mobilisation of Government, Local Authority and voluntary resources to provide help to those in our communities that need it during this crisis.

There is a Community Call Forum in each county to coordinate and connect the wide range of services and supports that are available.

A dedicated phone and email helpline is operational in every county. The number for Kilkenny is 1800 500 000; email


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