October 1, 2023

ALERT: Dog snatcher with Kilkenny-reg posing as warden, targeting pets in countdown to Christmas


A MAN posing as a council employee is trying to trick people into handing over their pet dogs. It is understood the dog-napper is targeting the dogs for resale in the countdown to Christmas.

Waterford Council has issued a warning about a man in a Kilkenny-registered van approaching dog owners in an effort to get them to hand over their pets.

Members of the public contacted the council after the man tried to illegally take several dogs. When the owners asked the man to produce an official ID he was unable to do so and quickly left the scene.

The man is reportedly driving a van with a 09-KK registration plate.

Members of the public are being urged to always insist on seeing official identification if approached by anyone claiming to be a warden. The council said genuine wardens will always produce ID when requested.

Wardens also do not have the power to seize dogs on the spot, and they should only be driving vans with official local authority branding.

Anyone who has been approached in similar circumstances is urged to contact their local Garda station.

PHOTO: Stock image 

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