July 18, 2024

WATCH: Beautiful footage of ducklings being led to water for first time captured in county Kilkenny

Beautiful footage of Mother Nature at her finest was captured in a county Kilkenny village as a duck led her newly hatched ducklings from their nest to water for the very first time.

The drama unfolded in Windgap on Thursday evening as the extremely diligent mother took amazing care of leading up to a dozen three-day-old chicks from their birthplace all the way down a hill, across a road and into the lake beside the village.

The footage was captured by Mark Dwan, who had kept a close eye on the fledgling family and recorded them as they made their journey to water for the first time.

The mother expertly leads the chick, showing great care and attention especially as they approached a busy road, and despite a few rolls and tumbles on their voyage, follows them all the way as they safely make it to the lake.

More pictures have since been added to the Windgap Kilkenny Facebook page showing mother and babies taking to their new surroundings, well, like a duck to water …

Video courtesy of Windgap Kilkenny Facebook.

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