July 17, 2024

WEATHER FORECAST: It’s actually not too bad this weekend!

After the the miserable week we’ve endured, you’d be forgiven for thinking the miserable weather couldn’t get any worse. And, thankfully, you’d be right!

Met Éireann said this weekend will be dry, barring a few light showers, but it will be quite chilly.

This morning will begin brightly enough, with a few clouds around threatening rain. They will hang around all day, but it will remain dry.

However be sure to wrap up well if you’re venturing outdoors as it will be very chilly, with temperatures struggling to get above 5C.

Tonight will bring a few showers in the middle of the night and early morning, but they will clear.

Tomorrow morning will be cloudy and dry, but expect a few light showers around lunchtime and in the early evening.

The showers will also bring some wind, with gusts of up to 40kph, with temperatures reaching between 7C or 8C, according to the national forecaster.

The clouds will clear later in the day, leaving a chilly night in its wake as temperatures plummet to as low as 1C.

Sunday will start fresh and clear, but cold. Some clouds will roll in around lunch and temperature will rise up to 8C. These clouds will bring rain and some showers are expected on Sunday night.

Monday so far is looking pretty settled, dry and a bit chilly and it looks like remaining this way into the middle of next week.


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