July 18, 2024

WEATHER FORECAST: See what’s in store for Kilkenny this weekend


IF ever a weekend could be called typical Irish weather, this could be the one.

Expect sun, rain, wind, hail and thunderstorms – and that could be just in one morning.

Today will start showery and will pretty much remain so. Expect some very heavy showers, some hail and even a thunderstorm or two thrown in for good measure. It will be chilly out today also with temperatures not getting up much beyond 12C.

There is a chance the showers will clear tonight, but that will leave us with a cold night, temperatures around 6C and still the chance of a shower.

Saturday will start sunny but will soon turn showery and thundery again. Much like Friday it will be chilly and could be windy also, with gusts of up to 25kph. The night again will be chilly and wet.

Sunday, unfortunately, will not be any better than the days preceding, it will be wet, thundery and chilly. Temperatures Sunday evening are set to plummet further and may not be much more than zero, which could bring about a frost in places.

Monday starts quite bright and crisp and thankfully the thunderstorms will have passed and possibly the showers. It will remain chilly though, around 10C during the day.

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