September 21, 2023

WEATHER UPDATE: Kilkenny braced for a wild, wet, windy weekend

At this stage it’s hard to know what people can expect of the weather at this time of the year, but it’s safe to assume its going to be wet and it’s going to be cold. And this weekend certainly won’t disappoint in that regard.

Today will begin cloudy and windy in Kilkenny, with the threat of rain never far away, according to Met Éireann. It will be a showery day but fairly mild, temperatures reaching between 14C and 15C.

It is going to be chilly, windy and wet overnight, temperatures dropping back to 4C or 5C and gusts of up to 40kph.

Tomorrow will be a chilly and windy day, the wind making it feel much colder than it really is. Temperatures won’t climb much above 7C or 8C, but with winds over 30kph and gusts over 50kph, the chill factor means it could feel as cold as 1C or 2C during the day.

There is no let-up to the wind overnight and it could feel as cold as -2C outside, the national forecast has warned.

Sunday will start a bit milder as the clouds roll in to bring back the showery conditions. Temperatures will feel warmer than Saturday but not by much, just up to 8C or 9C.

The rain will clear by nightfall and it won’t feel as cold as previous nights, temperatures hovering around 6C.

Next week looks much the same: wet, windy and chilly.

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