June 9, 2023

WEEKEND WEATHER: I’ll get my coat – Autumn’s here


IT’S fair to say Autumn has arrived. The winds are picking up, leaves are falling and there is a fair amount of rain about.

This weekend will be no different. It will be changeable with nice sunny spells but that will be broken by long spells of showers, some heavy rain and the chance of thunderstorms again.

Today will not be the worst. It will be cloudy with sunny spells, but showers will never be too far away. This morning will be the best of the day, but later in the afternoon should make way for more sustained showers. Temperatures will not get above the mid-teens.

Overnight the showers will continue but it will be a mild night with temperatures falling just a couple of degrees, down to about 12c.

Saturday will be much the same but heavier rain will roll in from late evening. It will be very cloudy with little sun and temperatures will hover around 15c.

Sunday will be drier but the clouds remain. The day will start with a few showers which will eventually clear and will remain dry into the night. Temperatures during the day will stay at around 15c, however, it will be chilly overnight, just 7c or 8c.

Next week is looking drier, but the temperatures could drop significantly with daytime temperatures no more than 11c or 12c, the change will be at night where temperatures could drop all the way back down to 1c or 2c.

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