June 16, 2024

WEEKEND WEATHER: Kilkenny braced for more November rain as unsettled conditions return

Cause nothin’ lasts forever
Even cold November rain
– Guns N’ Roses 1992

Cold November rain evaporated yesterday as Kilkenny and most of the country was treated to a welcome and quite unseasonably mild day with even a glimpse of blue skies after a long cold week.

Alas the good days don’t last forever, or even more than a few short hours in these Irish winters so it probably won’t come as too much of a surprise to hear we’re about to be blown back into more unsettled conditions this weekend.

Met Éireann said today will start out wet across most of the country with outbreaks of rain, although the south east will escape the worst of heavy falls forecast for the west and northwest.

“The rain will turn lighter and patchier in most places as the day goes on, but it will stay mostly cloudy with mist patches. Afternoon temperatures will reach highs of around 11 or 12 degrees,” the national forecaster added.

Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy, damp but reasonably mild at first. Met Éireann said: “Outbreaks of rain and drizzle will clear southeastwards through the morning, giving way to brighter cooler and more showery conditions extending from the northwest. The afternoon will start out with temperatures ranging 7 to 12 degrees north to south, but reducing 6 to 9 degrees by late afternoon.”

Sunday should be a bit drier in the south east, with even some spells of sunshine, as the west of the country again gets the brunt of the bad weather.

Met Éireann said early indications suggest next week will bring more unsettled weather.



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