September 18, 2021

WEEKEND WEATHER: Last of the Summer fine … hello Hurricane Humberto

MAKE the most of the beautiful, and rather, unseasonal weather.

Kilkenny has basked in gorgeous sunshine and blue skies over the past few week, a welcome break from a pretty bland ‘summer’.

The good news is that the fine weather is set to continue today and tomorrow, but forecasters are warning this could come to an abupt end by Sunday evening.

Sunday will begin brightly, but by afternoon the rain is expected to hit. Temperatures will dip to around 18C and, with that, the last of the fine settled weather.

Becase Monday will see Ireland being hit with the remnants of Hurricane Humberto, the storm that battered Bermuda and the Caribbean last weekend. But thankfully we’ll have little more than heavy rain to worry about as the most damaging effects of the storm have long dissipated.

Yesterday’s beautiful conditions will continue into today, with the mercury levels rising to over 20C in Kilkenny and throughout Leinster.

Saturday will also be warm, and quite windy, with overnight clouds bringing a shower or two during the day, some thundery.

However, the clouds and showers may give way to rain overnight on Saturday.





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