November 28, 2023
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WINE O’CLOCK: An eggscellent choice for your Easter feast

So, Easter in lockdown, and what do I miss? Well, Easter eggs for one.  I’m not particularly fond of them but I enjoy giving them to my grandchildren and sharing the fun and laughter as little eggs spill out of bigger ones or they going hunting for eggs in the park or my overgrown garden.

What I won’t miss is lamb, which nearly always ends up on my plate at some time or other over an Easter holiday. I don’t mind it in a stew or tagine but the roast lamb we serve up at Easter always strikes me as an over-rated dish, tending to be fatty, stringy, or both.

But if roast lamb is what you are going for, then you could match it with Vacqueyras Remy Ferbras which SuperValu have on offer at the considerably reduced price of €14. It’s a lush red blend of Grenache and Syrah from the south of France.

The same southern Rhone region gives us Châteauneuf-du-Pape and its little brother, Gigondas Remy Ferbras (SupValu €18), less celebrated, but just as good and a bit cheaper. It will complement a roast without overpowering it.

Quality reds from the Rioja region of Spain are also a good accompaniment. O’Brien’s have a big  price reduction on Conde Valdemar Rioja Gran Reserva (€19.95), which pairs rich, dark fruit flavours with a touch of vanilla.

Cooking for one isn’t much fun, so I’m keeping  it simple. Since my fish monger is still in business, I may go for grilled mackerel or fried hake, paired with a rosé. Pierre Jaurant Languedoc Rosé  (Aldi, €8.99) is light and bright with just a little sweetness.

Or I may make  a casserole with duck and beans and match it with Santa Helena’s Seleccion del Directorio Carmémere (€12.99 Londis, Mace and Spar). This is a rich red from Chile which contrasts blackberry flavours with hints of vanilla and chocolate. And sure, you have to have chocolate at Easter.


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