March 29, 2020

13 lucky Kilkenny punters scoop €5.5m playing Lotto EuroMillions

IT’S unlucky for some, but not for 13 fortunate Kilkenny punters who have scooped almost €5.5 million in Lotto top prize wins.

The National Lottery this week revealed Ireland’s luckiest EuroMillion counties in new research that analysed the number of top prize winners since the game was launched back in 2004.

Ireland’s smallest county, Co. Louth, has topped the table with the most EuroMillions winners per head of population. A total of 25 people in the ‘Wee County’ have won almost €6,982,324 playing EuroMillions in the past 15 years, which means one in just over 5,000 people in Louth has won a top prize playing EuroMillions.

Kilkenny is a good bit down the list at number 14, with 13 winners sharing a total of €5,429,910 playing EuroMillions.

From a population of 99,232, it means one in every 7,633 people in the county has won a top prize playing the Lottery game.

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