June 8, 2023

Young girls saved from Kilkenny river by quick thinking of local men

The quick thinking of two Kilkenny men prevented a horrible tragedy after they dragged two young girls from the River Nore who had gotten into difficulty while swimming yesterday.

The drama unfolded in Thomastown yesterday afternoon in the soaring temperatures close the centre of the town.

The family were making the most of the weather on the warmest day of the year so far and were swimming in the river when one of the girls, a 12-year-old  got caught in a current and was being dragged downstream.

The children’s father on seeing his daughter in danger jumped in to try and rescue her and managed to grab a hold of her before she was pulled under.

Two local men who were in the area at the time saw the danger the family were in and managed to get three of the children out of the water and up on the river bank. A fourth child panicked and froze on seeing her sister in trouble and the men had to grab her to get her out of the water.

The two men then went about assisting the father who was holding onto his daughter tightly and managed to get them both onto the riverbank safely.

Once back on the river bank, the family were visibly shaken but miraculously none of the children were injured or required attention and the decision was made not to call emergency services.

Water Safety Ireland have urged people to be careful if they intend swimming since Covid-19 restrictions have eased, to remember the water could be cold and only swim in safe spots.

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