December 4, 2023

200 people in Kilkenny expected to suffer heart failure this year

Almost 1,800 people in Kilkenny are currently living with the effects of heart failure, with a further 200 expected to fall foul of the condition this year.

The Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) revealed the figures as they announced a new range of supports to sufferers in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has severely hampered peoples abilities to access services.

Heart failure or heart inefficiency occurs when the organ is not working as well as it should and does not pump blood around the body efficiently and the survival rate for those affected by the condition is less than those fighting cancer.

It is hoped the new support services launched will help thousands of people nationwide to live normal, full and active lives with their condition.

These supports include online meetings, online health advice and a podcast presented by retired RTÉ presenter Michael Lyster (pictured above), who also experienced heart failure.

IHF Heart Failure Programme Manager Lucinda McNerney said: “Patients with heart failure and other cardiac conditions have real fears and a sense of isolation during the current climate of escalating Covid cases.

“The supports, which include our new podcast series, Nurse Support Line, new heart failure web page, Heart Support Network, online meetings, daily exercise on Facebook and peer to peer support, will help patients and their families to keep well at home both physically and mentally.

“The IHF support service allows people to access regular information sessions on topics such as medication, lifestyle changes, self-management and diet,” Ms McNerney added.

People looking for assistance and support are advsied to visit:



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