December 2, 2023

400 women waiting to see gynaecologist at St Luke’s, one woman waiting over a year

ALMOST 400 women in Kilkenny are waiting to see a gynaecologist for an outpatient appointment in St Luke’s General Hospital, according to new figures published today.

And one woman has been waiting over a year to get an appointment with one of the four consultant obstetricians and gynaecologists at our local hospital.

The figures emerged from the monthly National Treatment Patient Fund (NTPF) outpatients waiting list report, which records the number of patients waiting to see consultants in the Irish health system.

There are currently 398 women are waiting to be seen by a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist in St Luke’s, of which 56 are waiting more than six months to be seen.

The Irish Hospital Consultants Associations (IHCA) today launched the #CareCantWait campaign today which warns of the impact on patients of long waiting time.

The IHCA’s spokesperson and Director of Women’s Health at IHEG Dr. Rhona Mahony said: “There are so many simple procedures that can change lives and radically improve a patient’s quality of life. Not to be able to offer that to patients, in a country like Ireland, is really quite distressing, mainly for patients, but also for those charged with giving care.

“The #CareCantWait campaign in addition to emphasising the impact of long waiting times on Irish patients is also encouraging patients, the public and those working in healthcare to support the IHCA’s call for the Government to address consultant shortages across our health services.”

The IHCA claim that 1 in 5 permanent consultant posts in the public health service is either unfilled or filled by temporary appointments, causing delays for patients.

The Irish East Hospital Group (IEHG) last week confirmed to that they are currently in the process of hiring a fifth consultant. This came on the back numerous controversies in the Maternity Unit in St Luke’s in recent weeks.

The first arose after the four consultant obstetricians and gynaecologists in St Luke’s said the hospital would not be providing abortions.

While the second emerged after a report was published saying five women underwent gynaecological procedures without their consent in the unit.




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