June 19, 2024

7,347 Kilkenny people with asthma urged to beware of Christmas ‘triggers’

The 7,347 people with asthma in Kilkenny have been urged to beware of their “asthma triggers” and to plan ahead for the Christmas holidays.

Asthma Society CEO Sarah O’Connor said: “This time of year can be extremely dangerous for people with asthma. During the festive season, people don’t take their asthma as seriously as they would throughout the rest of the year. One person dies every six days due to their asthma and 90% of these deaths are preventable.”

Ms O’Connor urged Kilkenny people with asthma plan to ahead for the holiday season and ensure they or their child have enough medication to last the Christmas, as pharmacies will be closed.  She said is also essential that they stick to their asthma routine and remember to take their asthma medication daily.

She added: “Asthma triggers also need to be taken seriously during the holidays and avoided where necessary. Our “12 Days of Asthma” campaign helps patients by compiling a list of the most common Christmas asthma triggers and some measures to combat them.”

Common asthma triggers during the festive season include:

  1. Artificial Christmas trees and decorations gather mould and dust when they are in storage during the year.
    • Damp dust the tree/decorations when they are removed from storage to remove dust and mould
    • Damp dust your tree/decorations before storing them to remove any mould and dust that may have landed on them over Christmas, and wrap them in plastic before storage
  2. Real Christmas trees or any festive greenery such as holly and mistletoe contain mould which thrives in a warm environment. Bringing the tree into your home means the mould will grow and the spores can trigger asthma.
    • Hose down the tree before you bring it into the home
    • Keep the tree in the coolest part of the house
    • Remove the tree if you notice it triggering your asthma symptoms
  3. Open Fires emit smoke and fumes which can be a big trigger for many people with asthma.
    • Avoid being in a room with an open fire where possible, if you know it triggers your asthma
    • Burn smokeless fuel
    • Ensure your chimney has been cleaned to allow fumes to flow through easily
    • If possible, have a sealed appliance fitted instead of an open fire
  4. Scented Candles often gifted at Christmas, can be a big trigger for people with asthma.
    • Use non-scented candles or LED candles instead
    • Re-gift scented candles if they trigger your asthma
  5. Food which is often consumed in larger than normal amounts during the festive season, often contains ingredients that people with asthma are allergic to, which can trigger their asthma.
    • Know your allergies – get an allergy test and do not eat foods you are allergic to
    • Let family/friends know in advance if you are going to their house about your food allergies so they can prepare an alternative meal for you
  6. Alcohol contains histamines and sulphites which trigger asthma in many people
    • Avoid drinking a certain alcohol if it triggers your asthma
    • Bring your own drink when attending parties so you know exactly what is in it
  7. Weather changes can have a huge effect on people with asthma, especially the cold weather during winter.
    • Breathe through a scarf when outdoors to help filter the cold air
    • Try to exercise indoors instead of outside to avoid the cold air
  8. Stress is a huge trigger for people with asthma and people often get unnecessarily stressed around the Christmas time.
    • Christmas shouldn’t be a time for stressing. Try to remain calm and enjoy this time of the year – especially for people with asthma
    • If you are unable to get your stress under control, speak to someone, family, friend or a professional
    • Some people find great stress release in meditation and yoga
    • Speak to a family, friend or professional if you need help managing your stress
  9. Colds and flus are very prevalent at this time of the year and can be particularly dangerous for people with asthma.
  10. Sex, like any other form of physical exercise, can be a trigger for people with asthma, but you can still have your romantic Christmas.
    • Try to have your asthma medication close by
    • If asthma symptoms occur during sex do not be afraid to stop and use your inhaler
  11. Cigarette smoke during nights out over the Christmas will be a problem for people with asthma.
    • Do not smoke if you have asthma
    • Do not allow anyone to smoke in your house
    • Avoid second hand smoke whenever possible
  12. Cleaning Products -many people will clean their houses before or after the Christmas holidays.
    • Use natural cleaning agents such as lemon and water


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