February 27, 2024
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‘A huge bonus for the area’ – Kilkenny village to get major water supply upgrade

Bennettsbridge is one of 21 villages and small towns across the country that have been chosen for a major water supply upgrade.

The 21 wastewater treatment plants selected for upgrade as part of the Small Towns and Villages Growth Programme follows the announcement of 15 projects earlier in the summer.

The investment in local wastewater infrastructure will provide additional capacity for the development of new homes, while ensuring that wastewater continues to be treated to an appropriate standard.

In Kilkenny, a project will amalgamate and consolidate existing wastewater treatment infrastructure in the Bennettsbridge area to cater for the existing development and projected growth. Water Supply capacity, which has also been an issue in the area in previous years will also be upgraded where necessary to augment the works that have been carried out in the past number few of years. The plans will now progress to the next phase of the project.

Bennettsbridge-based councillor Patrick O’Neill (pictured below) welcomed the news, adding: “I am delighted to welcome today’s news that Irish Water have included Bennettsbridge in the 21 projects announced under their Small Towns and Villages growth programme. The programme will see upgrades to wastewater treatment plants to facilitate the growth and development of the Village. Water supply capacity upgrade will also be provided where necessary which is a huge bonus for the area.

“This is something I have been raising with Irish Water since my election in 2014 and looking forward to this project progressing to the early stages of design, planning and approval.

“In recent years there has been huge pressure on housing in Bennettsbridge and this news todays offers hope towards possible future developments around the Village to cater for the housing needs of the local community.”

Irish Water’s Regional Operations Manager, Jim Fitzgerald, added: “The Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage Darragh O’Brien recently announced the Housing for All plan and this is one of Irish Water’s key initiatives in supporting the delivery of this plan. Irish Water can confirm that the green light has been given for this project which will improve treatment capacity in Bennettsbridge and water supply where necessary. This will unlock growth and development in this area by ensuring the treatment infrastructure is in place to meet the needs of the area.

“Irish Water put this unique programme in place and allocated funding having identified the need to support growth in smaller towns and villages. The projects were selected following detailed consultation with Local Authorities to identify and prioritise areas for investment. We would also like to thank local councillors across the country of their engagement with us on highlighting the area’s most in need.”

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