June 22, 2024

‘A six-year-old should not be burying her mother’ – heartbreaking scenes as ‘angel’ Nadine is laid to rest

The family of tragic mother Nadine Lott paid tribute to “an extraordinary woman” amid heartbreaking scenes at her funeral today.

Nadine (30) lost her brave fight for life last Tuesday night after she suffered horrific injuries in an alleged attack at her apartment at St Mary’s Court in Arklow, county Wicklow, in the early hours of Saturday morning, December 14.

Her funeral today was a celebration of her life. Her grieving mother Claire told the congregation: “Today, I will not speak about Nadine in the past tense, I will speak in the present tense. As she may no longer be with us in body, but she will be with us in spirit forever, our angel Nadine.”

Hundreds of mourners packed into the St Mary’s and St Peters Church in Arklow for the ceremony, including Nadine’s devastated parents Claire and David, her sibling’s Tanith, Kyle and Phoebe, and her six-year-old daughter Kya.

Nadine’s father brought one of her handbags to the altar, a black and gold glistening symbol of her life.

Her brother Kyle brought a posed photograph of mother and daughter, both of them lying on the floor looking back at the camera laughing. Her sister Phoebe brought another pair of stiletto shoes while her sister Tanith brought a photo album.

“It’s not supposed to be like this,” Fr Michael Murtagh said simply.

“Words are completely inadequate. I know nothing that I can say that will take away the loss you have suffered, nothing will replace the pain and suffering in all our hearts today.

“What we do know is that it is not supposed to be like this. A mother and father are not supposed to be burying their daughter. Two sisters and a brother are not supposed to be confronted by the death of one of their own at such a young age.

“A six-year-old Kya should not be burying her mother.”

After the ceremony, Nadine’s remains were carried from the church up to St Gabriel’s Cemetery. Her mother and sisters followed close behind, together with Kya, the little daughter dressed in back, as Nadine was taken to her final resting place.

PHOTO: Collins 

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