June 15, 2024
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ALERT: Gardai on how Kilkenny people can stay safe from cyber attacks

Gardai in Kilkenny are reminding people and businesses to be aware of the ongoing threat of cyber attacks and have highlighted steps you can take to ensure your online space is safe.

As part of European Cyber Security Month, which launched this week, Kilkenny gardai in partnership with the Garda National Cyber Crime Bureau (GNCCB), the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Europol are working to ensure that the public and businesses are cyber secure and cyber safe.

They have released a step-by-step guide people and businesses should follow to ensure there are cyber secure and are asking people to think before they click.

The four steps the law protection agencies are asking people to follow are:

Step 1 – Stay Secure

– Beware of unsolicited emails or unsecured websites

– Update your software regularly

– Only use approved connections

Step 2 – Stay Connected

– Don’t use public Wi-Fi for work or sensitive information

– Create strong passwords

– Change your password regularly

Step 3 – Stay Separate

– Keep your personal data separate from your business or work data

– Use encryption to protect your information

Step 4 – Stay Safe

– Back up your data regularly

– Report any suspicious activity or messages.

For more information on European Cyber Security Month, visit: http://garda.ie.


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