June 15, 2024

ALERT: Gardai warn of thieves nicking number plates from Kilkenny cars

CRIMINALS in Kilkenny are targeting car owners’ licence plates.

There have been several reported incidents in recent weeks involving the theft of number plates from vehicles in the city and county.

The plates from two vehicles in the Callan area were stolen recently. And thieves also removed the licence plate from a trailer in the car park of a well-known fast food restaurant on the outskirts of the city while the unsuspecting owner snacked inside.

One man living near Poulacapple awoke last Thursday morning, July 6, to discover the rear number plate on his jeep had been removed overnight. Another resident in the West Court Demense estate in Callan also recently discovered the plates from his vehicle had been illegally removed.

Gardai have urged local motorists to be aware of such activity and to be on the alert if they leave their vehicle unattended. Anyone with information regarding the above incidents is urged to contact Callan Garda station on 056 770 6630.


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