October 3, 2022
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Another Kilkenny solar farm seeks extra time to complete development

A company is looking to extend its planning period on another local solar energy farm development.

The solar farm is situated right beside an identical development which has also sought permission from the local authority to extend its planning permission.

In 2016 Kilkenny County Council gave the green light for Power Capital Renewable Energy to develop a 5MW solar farm on lands at Grange Lower in Goresbridge.

A 5MW solar farm, comprising photovoltaic panels on ground mounted frames was approved at the time.

The development on the 28 acre site was granted permission for the construction for four transformers, four auxiliary transformers, four inverters, a distribution network, a communications building and an ESB substation.

A new site access road onto the R702 was also approved as part of the original application.

With the permission due to expire in October 2021, Power Capital have formally requested an extension to the planning permission.

The request was lodged at the same time a neighbouring Solar Energy Farm development by Elgin Energy also sought an extension to its planning, which is due to expire next April.

A decision on the request is expected to be made by mid-February.




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