December 2, 2023

‘Autistic people have waiting long enough’ – Kilkenny TD calls for new Dáil committee

A Kilkenny TD has slammed the Government over its “ongoing failure” to establish an Oireachtas committee on autism.

Deputy Kathleen Funchion has called on the Government to ensure the committee is established as a priority “to ensure autistic people’s rights and entitlements are protected”.

The local Sinn Féin TD added: “Autistic people have waited long enough. They deserve to see appropriate state support to meet their needs and ensure their rights are protected.

“I have spoken to many autistic people and their families about their frustrations on this issue. They need to have confidence that the Government is taking this issue seriously and giving them the support they are entitled to.

“I and my Sinn Féin colleagues will continue to raise this issue and hold the Government to account over their responsibilities. We need to see an Oireachtas Committee on Autism established as a matter of priority.”

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