February 29, 2024
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SPONSORED: A thriving Irish food producer of health filled, natural, cold pressed juices

The Raw Juice Company is 100% Irish owned business, a thriving food producer of health filled, natural, cold pressed juices made with only whole food ingredients. Andy Pratt has been making juices and advising others in all things juicy for well over twenty years.

He says “I’ve been very fortunate in my journey and have travelled the world showing others how to successfully operate a juice business and how to make world class drinks. I was brought up and surrounded by a family of foodies”. 

“After travelling to Australia in 1995 I discovered and fell absolutely in love with juices and smoothies, on my return to Ireland I truly missed my post surf morning smoothie and recognised a gap in the market in Ireland for these awesome drinks.”

“We have crafted our juices as healthy delicious drinks to fit into a balanced & fun-loving, active lifestyle. We are all about balance. The juices can help to provide the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need to feel energised and charged up.”

“We are very proud to say that in our strive for zero waste:

Our bottles are made in Ireland, from 30% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable, while our labels are designed by a local designer and printed in locally. 

Our ingredients are sourced from the local markets and we use off grade stock when available to lesson food waste.

The bi-product (fruit and veg pulp) is sent to a farmer in Meath who uses it to create animal feeds.

Even our ingredient packaging is compacted and recycled or forwarded on to local schools to be used as art materials. We also use a large shredder to turn our cardboard packaging  into fillers to protect fragile shipments during transit.

In production, we recycle our water from fruit washing as we wash the produce to lower our water consumption while the bulk of our lighting in our facility is LED to lower our power consumption.”

They use the Cold Pressed method of juicing to create the most nutrient dense, natural drinks possible. This is where the produce is put under immense pressure to “cold press” the juice out of the ingredients. It means that there is no heat transferred to the ingredients and all the goodness is kept alive. The juices once bottled are then put through a HPP (High Pressure Process) which helps to keep them shelf stable, without heating, while locking in the natural goodness.

Their juices and health shots are designed to be immune system promoting while also being energy & health boosting powerhouses, they are antioxidant-rich and have anti-inflammatory compounds. They can help with healthy digestion as they are metabolism boosting and provide free radical protection while being hydrating and energy boosting. Couple that with a vitamin boosting range of C, K, A, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and Iron, Copper, Potassium & Calcium their juices are perfect for pre & post exercise and sports recovery to help keep you healthy, strong and energised.

In supporting your health and the community, for December & January they are pledging 10c from the sale of every bottle of 250ml or 60ml juice to the Simon Community.

“We are very proud to be able to support The Simon Community and thank all of our customers for their support in return.”

100% Raw, Cold Pressed, Wholefood, Vibrant, Natural, Nourishment. 

Fill your fridge with healthy juices for the whole family.

A selection of different blends and tastes filled with cold pressed natural goodness & nourishment.

The Raw Juice Company love to support their customers with creating healthy changes, so they’ve put together their Juice Packs. Juicing is particularly popular with resolutions to get fitter and healthier, and they believe adding juices to your day can become a healthy long-term sustainable habit that can support increased nutrition and better food choices. Many of their customers report feeling more energised and having sugar cravings reduced once they start on a juice a day, they find they’re making healthier choices all round.

With years of experience in fitness and health between their team, including an in-house nutritionist, they’ve found one of the most effective ways to make healthy habits that last is to add in small changes gradually, stacking them onto existing habits.  Like pairing a juice with some nuts as a healthy snack or having a ginger shot first thing in the morning or swapping out a portion of refined carbs for a juice or health shot.  Fresh, raw produce, full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients, can boost all systems of the body and pairs well with protein-rich snacks and healthy fats while sustaining our metabolism, key for the success of long-term energy and weight management goals. They are advocates of enjoying a healthy balanced diet, minimally processed, most of the time, adding in juices for that extra boost of nutrition. Our intake of foods and liquids rich in fresh fruit and vegetables can help support most health goals without the need for extreme measures.  “The simplest changes are the ones we’ve found to be the most enjoyable and sustainable”. 

“We would love you to follow us on social media to stay in touch with our juicy vibes news and healthy info”




To see more about The Raw Juice Company follow this link https://therawjuicecompany.ie/


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