December 5, 2023

Big Bang Theory: Loud noise heard in Kilkenny remains shrouded in mystery, says Reverend

Mystery still surrounds the ‘Big Bang’ that was heard reverberating through Kilkenny city on Tuesday night as no evidence has yet been found to pinpoint where the bang came from.

Initial reports indicated that the ‘Big Bang,’ which was heard at 10:15pm approximately Tuesday evening, emanated from the grounds of St Canice’s Cathedral.

However, no evidence has yet been found to support this.

There have also been reports of strange black rocks being discovered in and around the Dean’s Street area, with some people questioning if these could be tiny meteorites that fell from the Perseids, the shooting star phenomenon which occurred over the past two nights.

The Reverend Dr Richard Marsh, who only recently began his ministry in St Canice’s Cathedral and the Kilkenny Union of Parishes as curate and Bishop’s Vicar, is equally mystified as to what the ‘Big Bang’ was.

He told that despite two separate searches of the grounds of St Canice’s, no explanation for the loud bang has yet been discovered.

“No, nothing has turned up. I heard the bang. A very loud, low bang that resonated and I came out.

“The local emergency services (gardaí and fire services) were already conducting a sweep of the Cathedral and the areas surrounding it. They were in attendance until just after midnight,” Dr Marsh said.

Dr Walsh said ge wanted to assure people the bang did not come from the Cathedral’s buildings.

He added: “The boiler house was intact and there was no damage there. I am actually standing beside it now.

“I can tell you I can see it. It’s fine!

“The emergency services did the search again in daylight and still we have no idea. There is no evidence the bang came from the Cathedral grounds.

“It all remains a bit of a mystery.

“I tend to find it’s like Occam’s Razor [the simplest explanation is most likely the right one] that when we find a solution, it will so often be mundane. We shall wait to see,” Dr Marsh (pictured below) concluded.


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