September 21, 2023

Book of Condolence for John Hume opens at Kilkenny City Hall

The people of Kilkenny will be able to pay their own respects to Noble Laureate John Hume, who passed away yesterday.

Kilkenny County Council has annoucned it is opening of a Book of Condolences for the former SDLP leader at City Hall this morning.

The former civil rights leader, MP and MEP who is credited with being an influential peace-broker during the long drawn out Northern Irish troubles, passed away yesterday morning following his battle with dementia. He was 83.

Mr Hume’s remains are being removed from county Donegal to his native Derry this evening. Rather than attending his funeral, people are instead being asked to light a candle as a mark of respect for the peacemaker.

The Book of Condolences opens this morning in Kilkenny City Hall. People who wish to sign are being asked to bring their own pen.


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