October 14, 2019

St Luke’s Hospital at centre of MRSA scare, two babies test positive for superbug

ST Luke’s General Hospital was at the centre of an MRSA scare after two babies tested positive for the superbug yesterday, KilkennyNow.ie can reveal.

In a statement tonight, the hospital also confirmed a third patient tested had positive for another superbug, CPE.

In the case of the two babies, the hospital confirmed: “Two patients with MRSA were recently identified in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU). The patients were promptly identified, and appropriate action taken. The unit is open for new admissions.”

The hospital said its Infection Prevention and Control Team has “an ongoing surveillance programme” which was successful in identifying the patients.

Meanwhile, the day ward at St Luke’s was also temporarily closed after a patient tested positive for the CPE superbug.

The hospital said “full infection prevention and control precautions were put in place” in line with national guidelines.

A full decontamination of the day ward took place last night. The beds were reopened for emergency admissions today.

The revelation comes in the wake of a tumultuous few days for St Luke’s, which has recorded the second worst levels of overcrowding on any hospital in the country this week.

A total of 40 patients at the hospital were being treated on trolleys today staff struggled to deal with a surge in admissions since the weekend.

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