June 9, 2023
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Brian Cody at Pendulum Summit: ‘How to create a great team and be a true leader’

IN a statement that will stoke the embers in the bellies of Kilkenny hurling supporters, Brian Cody clearly has no intention of sitting back and enjoying his 11 All-Ireland medals anytime soon.

The most decorated manager in the history of hurling gave a stirring performance of his own in front an audience of thousands at the Pendulum Summit in Dublin today.

Taking to the podium, the Kilkenny coach said standing still after wins and not looking to improve will be the death-knell of any success, whether in sport or in business.

Speaking at the second day of the summit at the Convention Centre, Cody said lessons in sport, such as setting high standards and never putting limits on yourself, can equally be applied in the world of business.

Recalling his own appointment back in 1998, Cody said he set out standards that were “quickly bought into by the players”. These included arriving for training an hour early to be ready to take to the field.

“You set the tone and the word filters down. It sends out a message,” he said.

Mr Cody said it was a misnomer to “be the best you can be”.

He said someone should never satisfied to “be the best they can be” because it puts a limit on what you could achieve by looking for more from yourself. To the day you retire, he insisted, you’ve got to keep striving to improve.

Cody said he realised in 1999 after the defeat to Cork in the All-Ireland final his Kilkenny side had been beaten by the better team and there were no excuses or other factors to blame. Instead, the team learned what needed to be done to raise the bar and take the Liam McCarthy Cup back to Kilkenny the following year

And he said there was as much to be learned from winning as there was from losing.

He told the audience there is little to be gained in wondering what other teams and companies are doing if you do not have the confidence in your own ability and vision.

The Kilkenny manager joined Leinster rugby coach Stuart Lancaster, former British foreign secretary Boris Johnson, Hollywood star Colin Farrell and television personality Ruby Wax, as well as a host of leading business coaches and speakers at this year’s Pendulum Summit, which was attended by up to 7,000 people.



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