September 28, 2023
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Bridge over troubled waters: Court row erupts about overrun costs on county Kilkenny bridge

An expensive row has broken out between companies that were involved in the construction of the longest bridge in Ireland, which links county Kilkenny and county Wexford.

According to a report in the Irish Times, the row broke out over an estimated €18.5 million in extra construction cost needed to complete the Rose Fitzgearld Kennedy Bridge, part of the N25 scheme in South Kilkenny, due to design issues which caused delays. It has gone to the Commercial Court.

Three companies involved in the 887mt long bridge, Dragados Ireland Ltd, Dublin; BAM Civil Ltd, Kildare; and Dragados SA, Madrid are claiming design errors which had to be remedied on-site during construction and the delays this brought about, 1o months it is claimed, caused significant additional construction costs, costs which they are looking to recoup.

The case has been brought against Carlos Fernandez Casado SL (CFC); Eptisa Servicios De Ingeneria SL (Eptisa) and Siegrist Y Moreno SL (SYM), all with addresses in Spain. All companies were involved in the design process of the bridge.

The case has been admitted to the Commercial Court list and will be heard at a later date.

The bridge was officially opened to traffic in January of this year after more than three years of construction.

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