March 1, 2024

British tabloid targets Taoiseach in poll, blaming him for ‘blocking Brexit’


IS Leo to blame for blocking Brexit?

This is the less than subtle poll a British tabloid is running today, as An Taoiseach meets with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in an effort to salvage a deal.

Just as Leo Varadkar was about to sit down for talks with his British counterpart, BorisJohnson, this lunchtime in Liverpool – the Pro-Leave, Pro-Conservative Daily Express launched the extraordinary poll.

85% of people taking the Daily Express’s poll think Leo is to blame!

The simple poll is being promoted as the top story on their website – yes that’s right even above Wagatha Christie!

Readers are given THREE options (one more than the Brexit Referendum, and still a bit light on facts)

YES – he’s rejected UK proposals at every step
NO – the UK’s proposals have not been good enough


The article leading people to the poll reads as follows:

“Boris Johnson outlined his Brexit proposals to the European Union last week, which was met with positive noises from officials on the continent. But, shortly after the plans were published, the Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was quick to claim the proposals “fell short in a number of aspects”.

“Mr Johnson wants to keep Northern Ireland more closely aligned with the EU than the rest of the UK on rules on goods and agriculture but remove it from the current customs union. But Mr Varadkar is opposed to the Republic being in a different customs union from the north.”

Currently, 85% of people polled are blaming Leo Varadkar for the Brexit mess.

Once you vote and receive the results of the poll, you are urged to share the poll with your associates on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

To see the poll for yourself or even VOTEfollow this link.

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