September 24, 2022

Contempt of court: Kilkenny people targeted in ‘jury duty’ scam

Waterford residents have been targeted in a new jury duty ‘phishing scam’.

Gardai have warned residents are being targeted by fraudsters falsely claiming to represent an official government department. They then trry to con people into registering for jury duty by providing their private personal details online.

People are receiving emails from a ‘’ address asking them to register for jury duty by clicking on a link.

A Garda spokesperson said: “[We] wish to alert the public to a ‘phishing’ scam whereby persons are being contacted by an email claiming to be from the Department of Justice and Equality, but will use the words ‘Ireland Justice Department’ and will come from the email address ‘’.

“The body of text asks people to register for jury service by clicking on the link, ‘’. When clicked on it redirects people to a cloned website, where a person’s name, date of birth and PPS number is sought.

“Be aware that the public are never asked to register for jury service in this manner as people are contacted by summons for jury service by the County Registrar,” the spokesperson added.

Gardaí urged sking people not to respond to unsolicited emails or to click onto any links contained within them. They again advised members of the public to never give any personal data and to immediately report the matter to their local Garda station if they are asked to do so in unsolicited emails.



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