March 1, 2024

COVID-19: Kilkenny’s 7,347 asthma sufferers urged to be extra vigilant

Kilkenny’s 7,347 asthma sufferers have been urged to be extra vigilant in their asthma management and follow the advice set out by the HSE, amidst growing coronavirus concerns.

“We have been inundated with calls from individuals with asthma and COPD who are extremely worried about how coronavirus will affect them if they get it and what additional precautions they can take to minimise their chances of contracting the virus,” Sarah O’Connor, CEO of the Asthma Society, said.

“Unfortunately, international data indicates if people with asthma and other respiratory conditions contract coronavirus, the health impact can be more severe; they are more likely to experience complications and to need hospital treatment.

“The Asthma Society has been liaising continuously with the HSE over the past number of weeks in relation to this healthcare challenge. We have communicated to the HSE the needs and very acute concerns of respiratory patients.

“We welcome increased engagement from the HSE with patient organisations in the last 24 hours and updated advice that has been provided for people in vulnerable groups, such as those with a long-term respiratory illness.

“We have urged the HSE to develop specific COVID-19 advice for people with long-term respiratory illnesses, as has already been created for other disease areas, like cancer.

“We are extending the hours of our COPD and Asthma Adviceline to meet increased demand – this free service is available on 1800 44 54 64 – and we will do everything we can to continue to inform, support, advise and reassure people with asthma or COPD and their families on our website, social media channels and through our other services.

“Our website – – includes the most up-to-date information available to us on how best to manage respiratory conditions and coronavirus and this will be updated regularly.

“In the absence of more detailed advice specific to people with long-term respiratory illnesses, the Asthma Society has developed a Frequently Asked Questions section on coronavirus for asthma and COPD patients in particular. This can be found on our website.”

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