December 3, 2023

COVID-19 LATEST: Number of new deaths falls to four, large queues outside garden centres and reopened stores

A further four people have died after contracting the coronavirus as 88 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed this evening.

It brings to 1,547 the number of people who have died from the virus. There are now 24,200 cases of Covid-19 across the country.

Earlier it was confirmed that the number of patients in hospitals with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 continues to reduce and now stands at 569, a drop of around 250 patients on the same day last week.

There are 76 confirmed or suspected cases in intensive care units.

Meanwhile, huge queues formed outside some garden centres and hardware outlets earlier today as businesses across the country reopened as part of the first phase of the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

Electrical stores have also reopened, as well as farmers markets, opticians, hearing aid testing services and some sports facilities, including golf courses.

However, some strict social distancing measures are in place at reopened businesses, with retailers reporting widespread compliance from members of the public.

Even though businesses are reopening, remote working is to continue for all workers or firms that can do so.

Among those who are returning to work for the first time in weeks are outdoor workers, including those employed in construction, as well as landscaping and gardening.

Motor and bicycle repair outlets, as well as vehicle and motorcycle sales outlets, are also open for business again.


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