March 1, 2024

‘Disgusting’ – motorists throwing dirty nappies and waste out of car windows near scenic Kilkenny river

BRAVE Kilkenny volunteers banded together over the weekend to clean up an area that has become a notorious blackspot for littering.

Local councillor Malcolm Noonan and the River Bregagh clean-up crew filled sacks full of discarded household waste that appears to have been dumped by passing motorists with no regard for the local environment.

Cllr Noonan said: “We took a lot of plastic out of the river but the worst areas were along the roadside; it would seem that people throw domestic rubbish out of car windows at night. It was really quite disgusting. Lots of nappies … food.”

Kilkenny LEADER Partnership praised the efforts of the volunteers who took the time outto clean up the area.

“Great work by the River Bregagh clean-up crew. We need this on all parts of the River Nore catchment – from source to sea,” the group said on social media.

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