October 2, 2022

Driver fails four drug tests after being caught speeding on Kilkenny motorway

A driver stopped on the M9 motorway in county Kilkenny for speeding was found to have all the drugs detectable on the gardai machine in his system.

Gardaí from Thomastown Roads Policing Unit stopped a motorist doing 159 kph in a 120kph zone on the M9 near Paulstown on Friday evening shortly after 9pm.

When gardai approached the driver, they became suspicious about his general state.

Gardai decided to perform oral fluid test which detected drugs in the driver’s system.

The driver failed all four drug categories tested by the machine, meaning traces of cannabis, cocaine, opiates (such as oxycontin and morphine), and benzodiazepine drugs( such as anti-depressants).

A sample was sent off to the Garda lab to be examined.

A local gardai spokesperson said: “Pending results from the lab, the driver has a serious case to answer.”

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