December 11, 2023

Drugs, weapons and stolen goods found on man caught fleeing Kilkenny break-in

Kilkenny gardai have made a significant arrest in relation to crime in the city after catching a man red-handed fleeing a burglary this morning.

The man in his 20s was arrested after being caught fleeing the scene of a burglary in on William Street this morning and was then found to be in possession of drugs, cash, weapons and stolen goods.

Gardai were made aware of suspicious activity at a business and domestic premise at William Street by a member of the public shortly before 7am this morning.

As they arrived, they spotted a man fleeing the scene and took chase. They caught the man and he was arrested at the scene.

During the arrest, gardai recovered weapons on the man including knives, as well as equipment used during burglaries.

The property stolen during the break-in was recovered as well as an amount of cash.

The man was also found to be in possession of what gardai are calling “a substantial quantity of illicit drugs.”

A local garda spokesperson told “The man was brought to Kilkenny Garda Station and is currently being questioned in relation to a number of matters that have occurred in and around Kilkenny over the past number of weeks.”

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