November 29, 2021
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SPONSORED: Dubliner … a range of beautiful cheese with a stylish new look

Dubliner is a range of beautiful cheese with its roots firmly planted in the Irish countryside.

The milk used to produce Dubliner Cheese is sourced from local farmer shareholders, whose cows graze on some of the finest grasslands in the world.

It is produced to a unique recipe using  in-house starter cultures that give Dubliner Cheese its distinctive nutty, creamy taste.

The people who create Dubliner for the Carbery Group in Ballineen, west Cork, have been making cheese for more than 50 years. They know and love the job and their experience comes through in the taste.
The success of Dubliner Cheese has been built around its core product, the much-loved Dubliner Mature. The range also includes Vintage and Lighter offerings.

Dubliner Cheese Lighter has 33% less fat, and is the perfect choice for those seeking a low-fat option, with a higher protein and calcium content. Dubliner Cheese Lighter has preserved the distinctive, delicious Dubliner taste. “Less fat but with no compromise on flavour,” is the company’s proud boast.
Dubliner Lighter is a great cheese to cook and bake with. When reduced fat cheese is cooked  the cheesy flavour is heightened more than is the case with full-fat cheddar and there is reduced oil out from the cheese.

Dubliner Vintage is a distinctive, aged cheese with a crumbly texture and a perfect balance of sweet and savoury. It combines the sharpness of mature cheddar with the nuttiness of a Swiss cheese. It is lovely in a sandwich, with chutney and ham, and it makes a perfect pairing for  apples or pears.

Dubliner Cheese has recently introduced new packaging for its  Mature, Lighter and Vintage brands.
It’s a new look but the cheese retains the same high quality and subtle, delicious flavours.”We are all very excited about our new packaging across the Dubliner range,” says Aoife O’Donovan, Marketing Manager – Cheese Retail & Food Service Ireland.”The most important thing to consumers when buying cheese is taste.  So as part of the new packaging we took this into account and have dialled up our taste descriptors and added the maturity of the cheese. This is very important to our Lighter range, as people assume reduced fat cheese doesn’t taste as good. However there is no compromise on taste for our Lighter Cheese range, in fact our Dubliner Lighter cheese has won several international awards.”

The stylish new packaging makes Dubliner Cheese stand out on the shelves. But, as always, it is the stand-out taste that has cheese-lovers coming back for more.

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