September 28, 2023

ELECTIONS 2019: Breda Gardner loses seat to newcomer Deirdre Cullen, Patrick O’Neill and Joe Lyons elected

THE final results are in for Callan-Thomastown and it’s a major upset for Brenda Gardner as the sitting councillor and Kilkenny’s only European election candidate has lost her seat to Fianna Fáil newcomer Deirdre Cullen.

Bennettsbridge-based councillor Patrick O’Neill and his FG colleague, newcomer Joe Lyons, were also elected on the final count, making it a 3-3 event split between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil in the constituency.

The loss of Cllr Garnder’s seat also means Thomastown no longer has an elected representative on Kilkenny County Council.

As things currently stand, Fianna Fáil now has eight seats on the new-ish look Kilkenny County Council, followed by Fine Gael (7), Labour (2) and the Greens’ Malcolm Noonan.

Kilkenny County Council 2019 – Your Elected Members (and first preference votes)

Pat Fitzpatrick (FF) – 2,249
Mary Hilda Kavanagh (FG) – 1,955
Michael McCarthy (FF) – 1,951
John Brennan (FG) – 1,493
Michael Delaney (FF) – 936
Denis Hynes (Labour) – 1,407

Kilkenny City:
Andrew McGuinness (FF) – 1,860
Malcolm Noonan (Green) – 1,485
Joe Malone (FF) – 1,271
David Fitzgerald (FG) – 1,236

Peter ‘Chap’ Cleere (FF) – 1,949
Matt Doran (FF) – 1,839
Michael Doyle (FG) – 1,378
Patrick O’Neill (FG) – 1,399
Joe Lyons (FG) – 1,042
Deirdre Cullen (FF) – 862

Pat Dunphy (FG) – 1,579
Tomás Breathnach (Labour) – 1,516

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