April 25, 2024
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SCAM ALERT: Emergency Covid-19 payment recipients in Kilkenny being targetted by fraudsters

People in Kilkenny in receipt of the Pandemic Unemployment Payment have become the latest target of online scammers.

The Department of Social Protection has told the public to be aware of text messages claiming to be from the state’s Intero offices which asks the recipient to click on a link in relation to the payment those in receipt are due to receive today.

Scammers are trying to gain access to people’s personal details on their phones and people are being warned against clicking on the link.

A public alert released by the Department of Social Protection said: “We are aware that some people have received fraudulent texts stating they are due a Covid19 Pandemic payment and then asks them to click a link.

“These texts are not from the Department. Please do not click the link or reply to the text,” the alert continued.

The Department has asked any member of the public who receives a text from an unusual number to block the numbers and delete the text.

All Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment payments are paid directly to the recipients’ bank accounts or can be collected at their local post office and the Department will never contact people by text regarding the payment.


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