January 20, 2021
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Relief as 4,600 Kilkenny householders told it’s finally safe to drink from taps again

More than 4,600 people in county Kilkenny have had been told their water is safe to drink again.

This morning the Bennetsbridge water supply was removed from the Environmental Protection Agency’s remedial action list.

Since the drought associated with the hot summer of 2018 enforced a hosepipe ban, people in Bennetsbridge have had to endure ongoing issues with their water. These included overnight usage bans and further issues with cryptosporidium and broken pumps, which meant the water supplied was at risk of failing to consistently supply safe, clean drinking water.

Following extensive works and investment, the Bennettsbridge supply has been given the thumbs up by the EPA.

Ian O’Neill of Irish Water said: “The water treatment process at the plant was inadequate due to insufficient protection against cryptosporidium. The upgrades have provided a more advanced water treatment process, improving the drinking water quality and benefitting Bennettsbridge and the surrounding area through the delivery of a clean, safe drinking water supply.

“The publication of the latest RAL by the EPA confirms that whilst improvements have been made in many areas, the scale of the challenge faced by Irish Water in ensuring the delivery of clean and safe water in Kilkenny and throughout the country remains.”

There are currently four more water supplies affected by RALs in Kilkenny. One at Glenmore, one at Piltown/Fiddown and two more in Kilkenny city.

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