May 29, 2023

Enterprise Ireland has helped create 4,800 jobs in Kilkenny

Enterprise Ireland has helped create more than 4,800 jobs in Kilkenny companies a recently released report reveals.

The latest data from Enterprise Ireland shows 4,832 people across Kilkenny city and county are employed in companies backed by the state agency.

Kilkenny TD and Minister, John Paul Phelan welcomed the figures which show a 50% increase in Enterprise Ireland backed jobs over the last decade.

“In Kilkenny, the number of people employed in Enterprise Ireland backed companies is now a very healthy 4,382.

“That’s up from 3,346 in 2011 and numbers have grown steadily ever since. They hit 4,146 in 2016, rising to 4,273 the following year, 4.516 in 2018 and to 4,832 last year.

“This comes at a time when more people are working than ever before, the unemployment rate currently stands at 4.8%.

The report reveals that Enterprise Ireland help create 16,971 new jobs in 2019.

“221,895 people are now employed in companies supported by the agency,” Minister Phelan said. “This is the highest total employment in the 20-year history of the agency.

“65% of total employment by Enterprise Ireland backed companies is now outside of Dublin.

The report shows that jobs in the cleantech jobs grew by 9%, lifesciences jobs by 6%, fintech by 6%, electronics by 5%, ICT and international services by 4%, while jobs in the food sector grew by 1%, reflecting the uncertainty created by Brexit in 2019.

The report shows that 220,000 total jobs have been created since the start of 2016, of which more than 60% of new jobs have been created outside of Dublin.


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