June 6, 2023

ESB urge Cats supporters not to hang Kilkenny colours from poles

Flying the Black and Amber around houses and estates is as much part of the All-Ireland build up as hunting for tickets.

Flags and bunting bring great colour to the weeks leading into the final, but Kilkenny residents are being asked not to take risks around electricity poles.

The main providers of electricity in the country wants to remind the people in both Kilkenny and Tipperary that coming close to live wires can be fatal. And already the ESB has removed colours from poles around the county.

A statement released by ESB Networks said: “It would like to remind the public not to use electricity poles for erecting bunting, flags or any other items, as any unauthorised contact or near contact with the electricity networks could result in serious injury or death.

“As a matter of public safety, ESB Networks are appealing to the public not to put themselves at risk of electrocution.”

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