December 11, 2023

European elections fought on all wrong issues: Kilkenny’s sole candidate

THE campaign for the European elections is focused on all the wrong issues, according to Kilkenny’s only candidate in the Euro poll.

Independent councillor Breda Gardner, who is also contesting this Friday’s local elections this Friday, said she wants to see more attention directed at Ireland’s failing public services.

Breda told “I’ve been overwhelmed at the reaction I’ve received from people across the South of Ireland in the past few weeks. Both from canvassing and from my recent election mailshot, people are saying the same thing to me: how can Europe help us with local issues?”

“People are right to be concerned about important issues like the environment, PESCO and corporation tax: but my phone and email have been hopping with matters that are much closer to home.”

The Thomastown-based politician said many of the messages she is receiving are “simply heart-breaking”.

She added: “Can you help my disabled relative get a wheelchair? I’ve been waiting four years for a hip replacement. I am about to lose my home and I don’t know where to turn. I represent a support group for 400 women who endure daily pain and discomfort due to a botched medical procedure, but HSE doesn’t want to know.

“People are saying to me that no-one is listening to them.”

Cllr Gardner said one of the reasons she decided to run in both the local and European elections was to give her “a greater platform to address issues that were affecting people at a local level”.

She said: “I want to bring local issues to Europe rather than Europe bringing policies her that don’t work to the benefit of local communities. I want to share the stories of all those who feel disenfranchised by our politicians and system of government. I want to bring attention to the needs and requirements of the local communities in the South Region and put them centre stage in Europe.”

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