February 29, 2024
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‘Farmers’ homes, land, families and stock are in serious jeopardy’ – Kilkenny TD

PROTESTS outside of beef plants are “the last resort for farmers” who are desperately trying to protect their livelihoods and families, a Kilkenny TD has said.

Fianna Fáil Deputy Bobby Aylward was speaking following weeks of protests outside Kilkenny meat plants that have plunged the entire beef sector into crisis.

Speaking during a Fianna Fáil Private Members motion on the crisis in the Dail, Deputy Bobby Aylward said: “Our farmers have consistently been obliged to put up with a situation whereby they are expected to be the price takers while others along the way can set their own margins and ensure massive profits.”

Deputy Aylward (pictured below) added: “One thing I know for certain is that these protesters are honest, hardworking people who would much rather be at home with their families or on their land with their stock than on the pickets.

“These demonstrations are the last resort for farmers. They have come to the realisation that unless drastic action is taken, their homes, land, families and stock are in serious jeopardy.”

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