June 3, 2023

FREE FLIGHTS: Cork Airport competition could get your summer off to a flier

REGIONAL radio station Beat 102-103 is teaming up with Cork Airport to get your summer off to a flyer.

The regional radio station will be in City Square Shopping Centre in Waterford this Friday, May 17 from 12:30pm for their massive ‘Spin the Wheel’ giveaway where free flights to destinations such as Lisbon, London, Zurich, Budapest and Malta are all just a spin away.

A station spokesperson said: “All you’ll need to do is rock up to City Square shopping Centre on the day, grab a boarding pass from one of their Beat Fleeters and wait for your boarding number to be called out.

“Those who are chosen will have to correctly answer a question about Cork Airport. Simple!”

Also up for grabs on the day will be hampers from The Loop, Aspire lounge vouchers and Cork Airport parking vouchers.

Beat 102-103 CEO Gabrielle Cummins advised that anyone considering heading down to Waterford on the day should brush up on their Cork Airport trivia.

She added: “Google some of their routes, even research some milestone dates – my advice would be to do whatever you can to gain a competitive edge. Even if you’re not about, stay tuned in to Beat and check out our social media channels to keep track of the goings on – it’s sure to be an entertaining afternoon.”

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