June 14, 2024
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SPONSORED: GAIN Pet Nutrition have launched their new GAIN Elite Cat food range

GAIN Pet Nutrition have launched their new GAIN Elite Cat food range enriched with premium, natural ingredients targeting the health and nutritional needs based on an individual cat’s life stage. 

 The new range comes in 100% recyclable, resealable packaging, making it easier for pet owners to look after the environment and keep their furry friends’ food fresher for longer.

The GAIN Elite Cat food range includes Omega 3 to give a glossy coat, prebiotics and probiotics to aid digestion and other natural ingredients, including cranberries and plant extracts, to assist with weight control, oral and urinary health, brain function and more.

Rob O’Sullivan, Sales Manager, GAIN Pet Nutrition, said: “We care about your pets. We want to give them the very best food which has been scientifically tailored to their needs. Our GAIN Elite premium dog food range is already a trusted brand. That science and goodness is mirrored in the GAIN Elite Cat range.

For many cat owners, the health and wellbeing of their pet is just as important to them as their own, according to Joris Somers, Tirlán’s dedicated in-house vet. “Only the best will do for every member of many families, and that includes their pet. That is why the new GAIN Elite Cat food range incorporates fresh protein and targets key health benefits for your cat. It’s made using natural ingredients, with no additives or preservatives, all tailored to the pet’s evolving needs as they grow and age.”

The GAIN Elite Cat food range encompasses 5 key products, beginning with GAIN Elite ‘Kitten’ which is suitable for kittens, pregnant and nursing cats and is high in protein. The Adult range includes either fresh chicken or fresh salmon and a scientific balance of high quality ingredients.

The Indoor Hairball complete food features added cellulose fibre, which helps with digestive discomfort by reducing hairball formation. The Senior 7+ range promotes vitality and natural immunity with carefully selected probiotics, combined with plant extracts and all the essential vitamins and minerals required by senior cats.

The new premium cat food range is the latest offering from Tirlán, formerly known as Glanbia Ireland and the trusted cooperative which is also home to GAIN Elite Dog food and the well-known consumer brands, Avonmore and Kilmeaden.

The new GAIN Elite Cat food range is now available in all good pet stores nationwide.

Visit: https://www.countrylife.ie/shop/category/CatFood

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