May 18, 2024
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SPONSORED: Grow fresh fruit and veg all year round with a greenhouse from KSB

They started small but they have grown strong.  And that is very appropriate – for KSB Greenhouse is a family owned business who ensure successful  growth for gardeners all over Ireland.
They specialise in high quality polycarbonate greenhouses and also provide  environmentally friendly gardening supplies, including fertilisers, plant feeds, tools and garden accessories.
KSB’s greenhouses are the best in the market. The twin-wall polycarbonate panels keep in 25% more heat than glass panels and create a suitable microclimate for cultivation of crops in both summer and winter. This lets customers extend the gardening season, so they can enjoy freshly grown fruit and veg throughout the whole year.
KSB Greenhouse was established in 2016 in County Longford where the company is based. In their showroom  you can view the extensive range of greenhouses and other products and benefit from the advice of helpful, expertly-trained staff.
But you don’t have to travel to Longford to view the KSB range. KSB Greenhouse have  established strong relationships with garden centres and suppliers in Ireland and beyond to bring you the best possible selection of high-quality products.
You can view the range online at KSB provides a delivery and assembly service nationwide.
The company’s dedication to excellent customer service has earned KSB an exceptional reputation for horticultural expertise across Ireland and also in the UK.

“Quality is something we take pride in at KSB Greenhouse,” says Ursula who is the Manager of KSB Greenhouse. “It’s something we ensure we provide. We recognise the importance of achieving, maintaining, and continually improving the high quality of products and services we provide to our customers, and we will endeavour to meet all their needs.”  
KSB Greenhouse was established because there was a gap in the gardening market for high quality, UV protected polycarbonate greenhouses.
“We started off as a small family owned and worked business,” explains Peter the owner of KSB Greenhouses. “But now we have expanded our premises, recruited new trained staff and branched our products into many different garden centres nationwide.”

KSB plans on expanding in Ireland and the UK, but promise: ” We will continue to prioritise maintaining high quality products and services that we provide to our customers. We hope to bring in many new and unique garden products that are carefully sourced by our team. Our aim is to encourage gardening to all age groups. At the end of the day, there is nothing better than your own freshly grown organic fruit and veg, that is one thing money cannot buy in the supermarket.”  

To get in touch with KSB Greenhouse see details below
KSB Greenhouse Ltd are based at Johnston Business Park, Unit 4, Athlone Rd, Longford, N39 V406
Phone : 083 884 8914 or 043 332 8390
Email :
Website :

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