July 18, 2024
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Retail therapy: Grocery sales up 23% to €363m as Kilkenny shoppers flock to supermarkets

Kilkenny shoppers have certainly been stocking up when doing their weekly shop with grocery sales across the country up massively since the Covid-19 crisis kicked-off.

Purchases are up 23% on the same time last year, and by 16% when compared to the previous week, according to the latest data from the week ending March 15, 2020.

Shoppers have splashed €363m – just €3m below last year’s Christmas spend – and equates to an average spend of €214 in this week per household compared to an an average weekly spend of €176 in 2019.

Hand sanitiser continues to fly off the shelves, with an enormous 2412% growth when compared with the same week last year, and 67% growth from the previous week – with a total spend of €188k on hand sanitiser alone – this is despite shortages across Ireland.

Panic buying also continues to impact toilet roll purchases, with sales growing by 181% to reach €5.4m (outpacing the same week in 2019 by €3.5m).

Other products in the category seeing a lift in sales versus last year include soap (552%), disinfectant liquids (348%), rubber gloves (306%) and vitamins and minerals, sales of which are up by 224%.

Pasta sales are up by 199% when compared to the same week in 2019 – with shoppers also stocking up on ambient pasta sauces  which were up 125% year on year.

Meanwhile, Irish shoppers bought €4.3m worth of breakfast cereals – a week-on-week growth of over €1.3m. Other ambient products seeing a sharp uptick in sales when compared with 2019 include rice (123%), canned vegetables (126%), ambient soup (166%) and baked beans (142%).

Although alcohol sales are also showing growth of 18% year on year, this growth is as yet behind the growth in other categories, although is steadily growing week on week, up 33%.

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